Good Manufacturing Practices – GMP Certificate

The Pasteur Laboratory (Laboratorio Pasteur) complies with all established G.M.P standards and is one of the Pharmaceutical Companies with its own Production Plant using advanced technology for the manufacturing of medicines.

The World Health Organization (W.H.O) has established detailed guidelines to implement the good manufacturing practices. The good manufacturing practices (G.M.P) allow for a system to make sure that products are manufactured and controlled according to the international quality standards.

The G.M.P, are designed to minimize the risks involved in the production of any pharmaceutical product and that cannot be eliminated through the product final analysis.

This system (manufacturing under the G.M.P standards) covers all production aspects, since the initial materials, manufacturing, packaging, equipments, up to the training and personal hygiene. It is important that each procedure that can affect the final product quality be written in detail. Furthermore, there must exist systems to check that all processes and procedures are followed step by step and in the correct way each time a product is manufactured.

The G.M.P standards compliance allows to make sure that each unit of a fabricated product has the same quality as the unit analyzed by the Quality Control Department.