About Us

Actually, the Pasteur Laboratory Inc. (Laboratorio Pasteur S.A) is an industrial pharmaceutical company with more than 75 years at the care of the Chilean people health. It is one of the few industrial Chilean companies that went through the three historical models of our economical development during this period.

There has been just one ownership for each of the three stages. It was founded in Santiago, at the onset of the Great World/National Depression Crisis, by the German Citizens Wolfgang Stick and Heinz Häner. By the year 1933, it was sold to Mr. Alberto Sutter Shifferli and in the same year was moved to Concepción City.

Under the company name Sutter Hermanos, it went into a great expansion by developing manufacturing processes to substitute imported goods, all of this within the framework of the inward industrial development process, in other words, within the framework of the national rocess of industrialization towards replacing imported products for nationally manufactured ones. This went on until the political collapse and the petroleum crisis of the 1973 and 1975 years, respectively. Those phenomenon brought a new orientation for the Chilean economical growth.

Since 1976, its new proprietors, the Vega Fernández brothers, inheritors of the Humberto Vega Rojas & Sons partnership, have transformed it into the actual Corporation that has grown and modernized within the frame of an economy open to the world, with markets highly competitive, very innovative, and with high diversification of products and services.

The company has its main headquarter in Concepción city, 500 kilometers south of the country’s capital city, Santiago, where its subsidiary headquarter is located. Its activities and relationships involve: the national market where it has created a vast and expedite distribution and commercialization net; the consumption markets of some Latin American countries; and the international markets of raw material suppliers, machineries, equipments, new science developments and technological innovations.

The medical specialty areas where the Pasteur Laboratory Inc. (Laboratory Pasteur S.A) has concentrated its population health service, production efforts, edical promotion and commercialization, are the fields of pediatrics, gynecology, urology, cardiology, general medicine and internal medicine.

The specialties scope is rapidly expanding towards the fields of Neuropsychiatry, Dermatology, and Gastroenterology. These specialties have been targeted according to a strategy that essentially respond to the changes in the epidemiological profile related to the advanced demographic transition process experimented by the Chilean population and to the high economical growth reached in the 1986-1997 period where the global income and consumption levels were duplicated and that now maintain its positive tendency, but at a lesser economical growth average rate in the middle term time range.